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  • The Flower of Scotland

    Usually, when a flower is chosen by a nation or state as the official botanical representative of that land, one would expect it to be particularly beautiful, or at least so prolific as to be immediately associated with the place. Certainly, some legend or ancient symbolism would also be a perfectly good reason for a certain flower to play the part. Even so, some choices are more surprising than others. However unusual, the national flower of Scotland represents its people in a way few other flowers manage to do. So just what is the national flower of Scotland? The humble, prickly purple thistle!

    How on earth did this flower, deemed a weed and nuisance by many, become the national flower of Scotland? One legend credits this prickly bloom with alerting a sleeping band of Scots to approaching Norse invaders. While trying to sneak up on the Scots under cover of darkness, the invaders removed their shoes in order to keep their approach silent. Suddenly...